Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)

Ears which are uneven, misshapen, or so large as to be the subject of nicknames are a source of embarrassment and mental anguish for many people.

Otoplasty can be performed which will pin back the ears in a natural shape.

The operation is a minor procedure which involves modifying ear cartilage and so altering the shape of the ear to follow the natural line of the head.

Incisions are usually placed behind the ear or otherwise concealed in natural contours. This means no visible scarring.

Results: After the Ostoplasty the ears which used to be a source of great embarrassment should look normal. This gives the freedom of choice to choose any hairstyle and avoids the difficulty of hiding them when going swimming or on windy days. This is one of the most frequent and succesful operations in cosmetic surgery. The result is permanent and if performed early in life will prevent classroom teasing which can lead to serious psychological disturbances in the child and heartache to parents.