Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)

Breasts can lose their youthful appearance as a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuations and ageing. An uplift is designed to improve the position and firmness of the breast and can be performed with the use of an implant if a fuller breast is required.

There are various degrees of improvement that can be achieved and the final result will depend on the extent of the correction. The uplift is not designed to reduce or enlarge the breast but simply to improve its current position. In some cases, where excess skin is removed, it may be necessary to reposition the nipple higher on the breast.

An uplift restores a more youthful looking breast and can increase your confidence. Uplifts will tighten muscles within the breasts which will stop them sagging further. Patients find they have greater freedom in their choice of clothes, ones which can emphasise their new shape and cleavage.